May 2014 Fitness Diary

This is my fitness diary for May 2014, since last month, I have resolved to write a fitness diary on the first Saturday of each month and thus it not only contains May’s entry (from 3rd May onward) but also entries from June (till 6th June).

Thought-out May, I have been pushing myself quite a bit physically and I have managed to be quite regular with my workouts. In fact apart from a single Bullworker workout and 1 day when I walked for just 35 minutes, I have managed to work out consistently.

Walk Time May 2014

Walk Time May 2014

While in April, I was only doing weight training thrice a week, I had switched over to 6 day weight training schedule in May, splitting body parts in to two groups and hitting each group thrice a week. However as I increased the number of exercises, workout time grew exponentially. So starting this month, I have segregated body parts into 3 groups and I am hitting each group twice a week.

So this is what my workout schedule looks like these days.

Walk: Daily 75 minutes. 40 minutes in morning, 15 minutes before workout and 20 minutes after workout.

Bullworker: Daily.

Weight training: 6 days a week. Chest and Back on Monday and Thursday, Triceps and Shoulders on Tuesday and Friday, Biceps and Legs on Wednesday and Saturday.

Results: Results have been slightly better than what I had hoped, especially due to me losing 2.3 kg this week. Overall, since 3rd May 2014, I have lost 6.1kg. At the same time I have gained muscle, strength and stamina. At the moment I am at my lowest weight in past 4-5 years.

Diet: I have been focusing quite a bit this time on my diet and trying to be as strict as possible. In fact I have started cooking breakfast and dinner (usually consists of 40gm oats cooked in water, salt and black pepper, raw cucumber, broccoli or other vegetables and 3 whole eggs Omelet cooked with 4gms of butter). This breakfast/dinner ends up providing around 420 calories with 24gms of protein, 21gms of fat and 36gms of carb. I switch to mostly fruit based diet on Tuesday (Tuesday fast) and avoid eating eggs on Saturday as well, so my body ends up getting a bit of variety over the week.

So far this diet plan is working for me and on most days, I am able to restrict my carb intake to less than 200gms with around 130gms of protein and 80gms of fat. I don’t intend to make any drastic changes, until my weight loss stalls.

I also take 2 servings of EAS 100% Whey daily (apart from Tuesday) and mix it in 600ml milk. This helps me obtain bulk of my protein (71gms) in just 654 calories!

Plan for June: As you can already see, I have increased my walk time to 75 minutes, which I intend to increase to 80 minutes towards the end of this month. I intend to keep weight training and diet pretty much the same, since it seems to be working fine at the moment. However if I don’t see any progress for couple of weeks, then I will likely change course. I will report back on the first Saturday of July and let you know how my fitness journey is progressing.


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