June 2014 Fitness Diary

June has been a rather disappointing month for my weight loss journey and I have only managed to lose 2.7kg weight. With the last couple of weeks only contributing 0.4kg of weight loss.

Even though I have been working out religiously and I have only gone above my recommended calorie intake just twice in these 4 weeks, I have been unable to lose weight at a pace I want.

Maybe it is due to the fact that season is changing from dry summer to humid monsoon or maybe my body is getting used to diet and exercise or maybe it is due to the fact that I haven’t been eating and working out at the right time. Whatever it is, I need to fix this ASAP and lose at least 4kg in July. (Update: managed to lose 1.7kg in a week, after I posted this blogpost).

On the plus side, my measurements are going down, so it seems like I am gaining muscles and losing fat (just not fast enough). I am feeling much better health wise and my back seems to be in a much-much better situation. With my real emphasis for past few days being on correcting my posture and stop slouching.

While I have been doing pretty much the same workouts as earlier, I have increased reps and I have also increased my walk time to 80 minutes every day.


Walktime June 2014

Rest of my workout and diet plan has remained the same as last month, which you can read about here.

Plan for July:
I need to lose at least 4kg, so I will give this diet and workout plan another week. If I don’t see the results I want, I will make some changes to it. I will also be upping my walk time to 85 minutes after a week or so. This is necessary since it will help me build necessary stamina for my upcoming trip to Ladakh.


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