Asus-Indiblogger Blogger Meet

On Wednesday, I attended my first Indiblogger meet, which was organized at the launch of Asus ZenFone 5 (click here to read my review of ZenFone 5).

Before the blogger meet or even press conference began, members of media and bloggers were treated to some superb projection ballet.



Then Asus brought in Bollywood superstar, Arjun Kapoor to launch the ZenFone 5 in India.


After the main press conference and lunch got over, real fun i.e. bloggers meet began. Since this was my first blogger’s meet, I wasn’t really sure what exactly would happen. But it turned out to be a good affair with folks from Indiblogger interacting with fellow bloggers through fun and games.


Lucky few bloggers even got to pose for photos with Arjun Kapoor!


Of course it wasn’t all fun and games, with the top officials from Asus interacting with bloggers and explaining technology that has gone into making ZenFone a reality. From CEO to camera division head to design head, all were there to explain to us, the hard work and thought process that has gone into the development of ZenFone and in ensuring that it is not only better than phones in its price bracket, but can even give top end phones a run for their money!

Best presentation came from the beautiful and stunningly articulate, head of Asus’s design team. Who explained the design philosophies behind the design of ZenFone 5. The fact that ZenFone has won 2014 Red Dot Design Award (which she lovingly referred to as the Oscars of Design World) only lends credence to Asus’s claim that it has indeed come out with a beautifully designed phone, that is also a great VFM!


After Asus’s product presentations got over, a band named Spryk took the stage.


Here is small video I shot of electronic band, Spryk performing at Asus’s blogger meet.

I also got a chance to get my photo taken with the beautiful Rashmi Nigam, who was the anchor/hostess for the day and is a Bollywood actress.


Overall it was quite a fun event and I not only got to see and test out Asus ZenFone 5 (link to review), I also got to meet fellow bloggers and listen to some lovely music. Overall, 7 hours well spent, thanks to Asus and Indiblogger.


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