Fashion Photography Workshop with Breathing Space

On this Sunday, I attended a Fashion Photography Workshop at Breathing Space Studio in Safdarjung Enclave.

Idea for Fashion Photography Workshop had been doing rounds in my head for past couple of years. It finally got realized when Breathing Space’s mentor, Shamim Akhtar and Chief Photographer, Rajiv Solanki decided to help us organize this workshop for BCMTians and took the pain of finding model, stylist, makeup artist and organizing the entire workshop for us.

Since this was going to be a unique and first of a kind experience for majority of the participants (including me), we decided to keep the number of participants limited to 6. This ensured that all of us got dedicated time with the model, in order to get the photographs we wanted.

After the initial introduction to basic lighting concepts and equipment by Rajiv Solanki, it was time for us to try out various lighting setup and familiarize ourselves with the concept of studio lighting. Soon enough, we were joined by our lovely model for the day, Priyanka Kaur.


After all of us got the shots we wanted, it was time for a change of wardrobe and makeup for the model and a chance for us to relax and indulge in some bakar. We also got a chance to see Neeru Kartik (makeover artist) in action, as she worked to transform the looks of Priyanka, for the next shoot.


Results were absolutely stunning, and she along with hair stylist, Khushboo Singh and stylist, Ganesh Vyas had managed to transform our glamorous model in to a beautiful and elegant bhartiya nari. I couldn’t help but sneak a candid photo of her, even though we were just about to start with our shoot.


Not only the model, but the lighting setup and background too had been changed for this shoot, in order to set the ambiance for a traditional Indian attire fashion shoot. Being a little more at ease with shooting now, I managed to get slightly better photographs of Priyanka.

model in lehenga choli



Towards the end of the workshop, there was not a single person who didn’t have a smile on his face and look of content. Icing on the cake was the small session Shamim took of us, familiarizing us with the concept of fashion and glamour photography, and introducing us to a world; we had only read about or seen in videos.


Shmim Akhtar sharing his views during Fashion Photography Workshop. Photo courtesy: Rajiv Kumar Bharat.

Of course the shoot itself was made all the more special due to the lovely company of Narender, RK Bharat, Siddharth, Nimesh and Rinku, who made the workshop possible by attending it. Needless to say, none of this would have been possible without Shamim, Rajiv, Priyanka, Siddharth, Prateek, Neeru, Khushboo and Ganesh, who worked tirelessly to made this workshop a reality and success. Hopefully I will get more chances to work with these lovely creative people in future.


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