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On Saturday I used taxi from Taxi For Sure to travel to and back from Wella Bloggers Meet, here is my review of their service as well as their Android App.

Disclosure: Taxi For Sure had tied up with Wella and Ripple Links to provide free taxi service to bloggers attending the meet. Hence this review is based on free service, and thus I wouldn’t be talking about their charges. Though booking was done by me, so I will be penning down my unbiased review of their service and booking procedure.

taxi-for-sure-app This was the first time I downloaded an app to book a taxi, usually I just call taxi services or book online through their site.

Booking taxi through their app was an interesting experience and I initially found the app a bit difficult to use. Mainly because it wouldn’t pin point my address using GPS and instead it showed my location at a house a few doors down. Even manually searching for my address didn’t help matter and it seemed like my home just didn’t exist (at least in the app.)

Not sure if on the day I was trying to book the taxi, Taxi For Sure was facing some issue or I was just being stupid, but I couldn’t get the app to pull up just my colony name (which I can do at the moment.) So I eventually ended up booking taxi on my neighbor’s address and was praying that the driver wouldn’t just show up without calling me and disturb them.

Journey to Select City Mall

Thankfully my fear didn’t come true. Driver called me around half an hour before pickup, asked for directions and then called again, after he had reached my colony. I also got an SMS from Taxi For Sure, half an hour before pickup (as promised), mentioning cab and driver details.

Taxi I got was a Wagon R and it was neat and clean and in good condition. Driver was fairly courteous and we chatted quite a bit throughout the journey.

Sadly the blogger meet got over a little ahead of time and I had booked my taxi an hour after the meet was supposed to end. Because usually things get delayed at events, hence I wanted to keep buffer time.

This meant I had over one and a half hour to kill, before my taxi would have arrived to pick me up. Sadly my Vodafone 3G connection wasn’t working fast enough and MTNL was showing zero network (as usual), so I had a hard time preponing my return journey. When I did eventually get to the final edit screen, I found that the coupon I had gotten for the trip could only be used twice and editing journey involved reapplying coupon. So I had the option of killing extra time in Select City Mall or ditch the free taxi and shell out for the return journey.

I decided to spend my money on a coffee instead and headed to Starbucks (review coming soon.)

Being a fast eater/drinker sure has its disadvantages and soon enough, 135 bucks coffee was over. Sadder still, my phone battery was on its last leg (I had forgotten to charge my phone). So for the first time since I bought my Moto G, I enabled battery saving and dimmed screen brightness to zero.

With nothing to do, like any other good Indian, I decided to pass my time window shopping at a perfume store, with no intention of buying anything, especially since they were selling perfumes at MRP (I did feel guilty about it, since I don’t usually do that).

I even waited for full 5 minutes along with rest of the crowd, which had turned up to catch a glimpse of Sonam Kapoor, who had come at the Tommy Hilfiger Store for 10th Anniversary Celebrations.

Return journey

Thankfully, I was rescued from my misery by the cabbie, who informed me that he had arrived at the mall half an hour early.

This was just what I needed and I boarded the taxi (again a Wagon R) and headed back home.

Once again taxi was neat and clean, and driver was fairly courteous and I had a good time chatting with the fellow, on the return journey.

One thing that did bother me was the fact that I didn’t receive any SMS about the taxi. Though the driver did get a call from Taxi For Sure, asking him, why he was traveling away from the mall!

Half way in to the journey, my phone was dead, so I am not sure if SMSs were sent after they got confirmation from the driver of the pickup (he was free, hence he had arrived at the mall, an hour before the pickup!) But I did get SMSs informing me about the cab and other details, once I reached home and switched on my phone, after recharging it.

Final Words

Overall my experience with Taxi For Sure was better than what I had experienced with Quick Cabs (at least in the booking part), though I feel for a novice user, it is still a better idea to book through web or call up Taxi For Sure Customer Service.


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