Starbucks, perfect cup of coffee?

It has been a while since Starbucks Coffee Chain came to India, and I finally got a taste of their coffee on Saturday, when I decided to checkout their outlet in Select City Walk Mall, Saket.

Before I begin this review of Starbucks, let me confess, I am not a regular tea/coffee drinker. I drink these occasionally when I am traveling or have sore throat or need to meet someone at a coffee shop.

With that out of the way, let me confess another thing. Although I used to love drinking cold coffee with ice cream (and its numerous variants), I have gradually shifted to black coffee, which is rarely substituted with a cup of cappuccino.

starbucks-coffee So when I walked into Starbucks, I started scanning their menu for any mention of black coffee. I saw the term brewed coffee and decided to try that, instead of Americano. I ordered a tall (medium size, amongst the 3 sizes they have) brewed coffee from Starbucks for Rs. 135 (including taxes) and waited for my coffee to be prepared.

I really liked the fact that the person who takes your order, writes down your name as well as the coffee you ordered on the cup, so that there is little chance of any mix-ups. I also liked the fact that the Starbucks employee refused to take order from a group of guys, who jumped the queue and instead requested them to get in the queue!

Since the Starbucks outlet I went to is located in a popular mall and it was weekend, there was heavy rush in the café i.e. not really a place where you can sit quietly for a long time and enjoy your coffee and thoughts. Apart from this, ambiance was alright.

Couple of minutes later, my coffee was ready. Great thing was, it wasn’t too hot and neither was it cold, it was just right and I could start drinking it right away. While this might seem like a small thing, but anyone who has recently visited Barista would testify that getting coffee at the right temperature is an extremely difficult task, otherwise Barista staff wouldn’t fail so often. So full points to Starbucks for getting the temperature just right.

Since it was a closed cup, I didn’t really check the aroma of the coffee. But the taste seemed quite good. Just the right amount of bitterness and flavor and absolutely no sourness (anyone who has made black coffee at home probably knows what I am talking about.) It sort of felt like a coffee that was custom made to suit my taste buds or maybe I just have really common taste. Either way, I really enjoyed my first cup of coffee at Starbucks and would love to go back there again!


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