Couple shoot, Neha and Narayan

Aristotle once said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” And I can think of no better way to describe Neha and Narayan, who have known each other for 11 years and have been in love with each other for a decade and married for over 7 years!

So what better way for me to begin my tryst with couple photography than to photography this beautiful couple I have known for past 11 years (yes, I was with Narayan when he first saw and met Neha.)

For location we chose Humayun’s Tomb. Because just like Taj Mahal symbolizes love of an Emperor to his wife, Humayun’s Tomb is a testament of the love of Bega Begum (Mughal Queen) to her husband (Mughal Emperor Humayun). Not only that, Humayun’s Tomb was also the design inspiration for Taj Mahal and has beautiful garden, perfect for outdoor couple shoot.

Without further adieu, here are the photographs from my first couple shoot.









Big thanks to Neha and Narayan for their lovely company and perfect posing, which made my job a hell lot easier. Special thanks to Rajiv for his lovely company and help during this photo-shoot.


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