Apple iMac 5k, ultimate lust machine

I am no Apple fan, heck I don’t even own a single Apple gadget. However there have been times when I have lusted for them, due to Apple’s design and smoothness of iOS and OS X. However the new Apple iMac with 5K retina display is altogether different ball game. It is something which just doesn’t exists in the PC world and it is also something that the photographer and tech geek in me, cannot help but lust for.


After all, there aren’t many displays out there which can display my Canon 60D’s images at almost full resolution natively (Canon 60D resolution = 5184 x 3456 and iMac 5k resolution = 5120 x 2880). And Apple has managed to take it up a notch and has integrated that gorgeous 5k display with a full flagged computer in a package, which wouldn’t take any more space than a usual 27” monitor!

Knowing Apple, you can be reasonably assured that the whole experience of working on the new iMac 5k would be a smooth and trouble free experience.

Yes, Dell has announced 5k display, but it is expected to cost as much as the base model of iMac! In all likelihood, once cheaper 5k displays make their appearance, you would be able to assemble a similar spec PC with 5k display in slightly less amount. However till then, the new iMac is the cheapest 5k computer you can buy (never thought I would write something like this about Apple!)

And since there is nothing in the PC world, which can come close to the new iMac at this point, just makes me lust for it even more. After all, the photographer in me, cannot help but day dream about editing photos at almost native resolution on the iMac 5k.


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