Blessed is the fool, who returns from Ladakh

No matter how many times I visit Ladakh, it never ceases to amaze me nor does it cease to teach me a thing or two about life and God. And my most recent trip to Ladakh (fifth to be precise) was no different.

The fool i.e. me who flew in to Ladakh as someone who believed he was an artist; creating work of art through light, lens and sensor, came back a humble novice, struggling to comprehend the real art god has created over millenniums.


In Ladakh I got to witness nature’s beauty like I had never seen before. I got to see snow along the National Highway 1D (Srinagar – Leh Highway).


I was witness to a senior monk teaching his disciple their ritualistic dance.


And I also saw colors and light in a way I had never seen before!


Yet these paled in comparison to compassion, love, comradery and God’s art, that I was a witness to, during the course of a week I spent in Ladakh.

As a region, Ladakh has given me much more in a week than what I am capable of comprehending in a lifetime, yet there is just so much more to see and experience, that I have already planned half a dozen trips to Ladakh, which I hope to undertake over the course of next couple of years.

And even these aren’t enough and I so wish to be able to live in Ladakh for a couple of years, so that I could witness at least 730 sunrises and sunsets, in order to at least begin to understand the rhythm that drives Ladakh.


Maybe one day, I will pack my bags and leave, to be a part of Ladakh, for much longer duration than a few weeks. Till that day comes, I will just have to relive the memories in my head, trying to make sense of it all and failing miserably…


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