Fenda India Social Bash

On Saturday afternoon, I attended F&D India’s social bash i.e. blogger/social media meetup in Café Red at Shahpurjat.


I arrived a bit late, due to Suzuki V-Strom shoot in the morning (photos coming soon) and by the time I reached there, meet had already begun. Thankfully only some ice breaking activities were taking place at that moment, so I guess I didn’t miss too much.


During the course of F&D’s social bash, we were introduced to various products sold by the company and got a chance to try out some of the products from F&D (including some yet to be introduced in market).

The one product I liked in particular was F&D W30 portable speaker, which supports a whole host of connectivity options (Bluetooth, 3.5mm Aux input, USB, NFC, 3.5mm Microphone out and MicroSD Card slot).


F&D W30 has 2 x 1.5” speakers, rated at 2.5w RMS each i.e. total 5W RMS and it is powered by a 1000mAh rechargeable battery, which can power the speakers for up to 5 hours of listening time. Overall I liked its sound quality (considering it is a portable speaker) and the fact that it comes with a lot of connectivity options.

I also tried FnD’s E210 microphones, which haven’t yet been introduced in the market. And they sounded pretty good and even with Manali Trance playing at full volume on my Moto G; there was no hint of any distortions.


Final product I tried was F&D F6000U 5.1 speaker, which has a rated RMW power of 123W and has an impressive 8” subwoofer with a rated frequency response of 30 Hz-120 Hz and 57w RMS. While I couldn’t take it to maximum volume, but at 60%, it sounded nice and fairly powerful.


Overall it was a fun and interesting meet with some fun activities and contests (my team won “find the bar codes” game) and I also got a free polo, 8gb pen drive, bluetooth dongle and FnD mug. And best of all, I got to try out FnD audio products (hopefully I will get to do a proper review of them soon.)


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