Honda Amaze drives into history books

Honda’s compact diesel sedan, Amaze has entered into history book, by becoming the car which has been driven for longest distance in a single country, without taking the same route twice (23,800km in 55 days).


On Sunday I attended the function, where Guinness Book of World Records presented Honda Car India with the certificate, certifying this epic record breaking drive.


What made the whole event even more special for me was the fact that the drive was done by my friend, Bunny Punia (Associate Editor, and Shantonil Nag.


Knowing and having gone on multiple trips with Bunny, I can’t say I was surprised to hear about his world record attempt, when I first heard about it. After all, this is the sort of stuff one expects from an avid road trip enthusiast like Bunny. But the fact that he managed to do the entire trip successfully without any back issue (he has suffered from back problems in past) is a testament to his sheer resolve and comfort provided by the little Honda sedan.

Honda Car India also announced its plan for “a series of “webisodes” on ‘Drive through Amazing India’ which will be hosted by renowned author Chetan Bhagat. In this web series, Chetan Bhagat will be travelling to the unexplored places of India which will be followed by contests, wherein people will be asked to post stories or photos about unexplored places of Amazing India. The short-listed candidates will further get a chance to travel and explore remarkable places of India.”

This I feel is a great initiative, which should promote road trips in India and will hopefully result in more and more families traveling in their own vehicles, rather than relying on public transport.

Towards the end of the press conference, I along with a few other bloggers got a chance to meet and interact with Chetan Bhagat, where we asked him questions about his views on his upcoming road trip and Honda’s ‘Drive through Amazing India’ initiative.


As part of the first leg of ‘Drive through Amazing India’, Chetan Bhagat would driving from Bangalore to a church which is located 200km away and is half submerged (sadly I forgot the name of place) and would be spending time there, before returning to Bangalore.

Overall it was a great event and hats off to Bunny, Shantonil and little Amaze for making India proud :).


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