Suzuki V-Strom Photo Shoot

On Saturday we (BCMTouring) got a Suzuki V-Strom from Suzuki India for a short review.

Even though due to a busy schedule (Suzuki V-Strom shoot in morning, Fenda blogger meet in afternoon and an engagement shoot in evening) I couldn’t really devote as much time to Suzuki V-Strom photo shoot as I would have otherwise liked to, but I did managed to get a few good photographs of it.


Since we were supposed to meet at around 5:45am in Noida, I got up at around 3 am to have breakfast and shower, before heading off to Salil’s place, where I was supposed to park my motorcycle.

With my motorcycle safely parked at Salil’s place and confirmation from Shamik and Rajiv that they have picked up the bike from Suzuki’s showroom, we made our way to the beginning of Greater Noida Expressway, where we were supposed to meet each other.

Soon enough Shamik reached on the V-Strom with Nadya as pillion and Rajiv and Nitin in the car. After that we began scouting for a location, where we could do the first round of shoot, without being disturbed by vehicles and thankfully, we found one in a jiffy.

It has been around couple of years since I last did a motorcycle shoot and it was the first time I was also shooting an automobile with speedlights. To make matter worse, I had 3 other photogs with me, with better photographic equipment and more experience. Thankfully lack of sleep had numbed my senses enough to make me forget all this and I got down to setting up the shoot, as soon as we found our location.

This is what our initial lighting setup looked like.


After a bit of tweaking, I managed to get the photo I have posted earlier in the blogpost.

After the initial bike shoot was over, we decided to bring in our models, Shamik and Nadya into the frame and shot a few photographs of them with the motorcycle.




Of course no motorcycle shoot can ever be complete without a few running shots, so we shot them as well.




After over 4 hour long photo shoot, it was time for everyone to head home and for me to head to my next assignment of the day. Overall it was an amazing morning, spent with good friends and one hell of a motorcycle. Many thanks to Suzuki India for providing us with the review motorcycle and a special thanks to Shamik for handling all the logistics and writing this review of Suzuki V-Strom.


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