Flights for Ladakh 2015 trip booked

Earlier in the month, I had booked Delhi – Leh flight (27th July 2015) and today, I booked my return flight from Leh as well (3rd August 2015).

This is the first time I would be traveling to Ladakh during July-August, a time considered perfect for visiting the land of many passes and yet a time when Ladakh is also packed to the brim with tourists. So in all likelihood, I would get to see a side of Ladakh I have not yet seen, crowded and green! And yet, I am looking forward to seeing this completely different look of Ladakh and will try and see if it actually gets as bad as some claim it becomes during peak tourist season.

Plan of course is going to be somewhat similar to what it was this time around i.e. no plan at all and I am going to try and slow down things even more, in order to dedicate even more time for photography than I did during my recent trip to Ladakh.


This trip too is going to be a solo one, though I do plan and hope to meet fellow BCMTians and friends in Ladakh. And once again to the disappointment of motorcycle tourers, this trip too is going to be in a cage (after landing in Leh), with hopefully my friend Rigzin (+91962295477, +919469472772) or Dorjey (+919906971501), who happen to be best drivers in Ladakh.

Even though I already know couple of places I want to visit during this trip, however like I said earlier, there won’t be any solid plans as such and I am going to go, where God leads me. And once again, I am going to go all poetic, and try and find places which speak to me through their beauty, rather than places which are considered off beat or tough to access.

Now the excruciating wait begins, for my sixth trip to the land of lamas, which comes 10 years after my first visit to this enchanted land, which helped changed my perspective and ultimately gave birth to this blog and BCMTouring.


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