Ladakh 2014 travelogue

I have finished writing travelogue of my 2014 trip to Ladakh, which I had done during October and November. With over 42 pages of text, 14,300 words, 181 images and 4 videos, it is more like a short story of my travel to Ladakh, which has taken me over 12 days to complete!


Funnily enough, when I started planning this trip initially (well planning is a loose word here), I didn’t even think I would be able to post a travelogue, since I was out there to do mundane things. However as I went with the flow, a story developed and got interesting thanks to the people I met (Rigzin, Dorjey, Sanchit and Akshita) and plethora of places I visited.

Anyways, check out my travelogue on BCMTouring and if you find it too long to read, then just go through the photographs, they alone are supposed to be worth over 181,000 words :). Click here to read the travelogue…


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