Warshi Village opened for Indian travelers

In what can only be termed as a great news for both travelers and locals alike, Warshi Village in Nubra Valley has been opened up for domestic travelers by the Jammu and Kashmir Government.

Earlier travelers used to be stopped after Panamik Village and only those who had permission from the army to travel to Siachen Base Camp, could go beyond it. Now Indian citizens will be able to travel 39km beyond Panamik Village (as shown in the map below) and reach the Warshi Village, which until now, was reserved for a select group of people.

Along with Warshi, Yarma-Gompa and Yarma-Gonboo Monastery have also been put in allowed category for domestic travelers.

During my recent trip to Ladakh, I had tried to go beyond Panamik Village, however I was turned back from a check post, few kilometers after Panamik Village. Had this order come then, I wouldn’t have to just content with this photo and would have instead taken photographs on a route that I hadn’t visited earlier.


Anyways, opening up of Warshi is a welcome news for us travelers and would likely result in employment opportunities for locals. I sincerely hope that the government doesn’t just stops at this and keeps on opening new frontiers in Ladakh for travelers, so that those looking to explore places beyond the usual tourist trail, have good alternatives to come back to, year after year!


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