Productivity Improvement Experiment

This week I am starting my productivity improvement experiment. Because off late my productivity has been going downhill and I have been unable to focus on tasks. This is an extremely bad thing for a self-employed person like me, since my work and success is directly linked to my income and when my productivity suffers, so does my income!

Since there is no one breathing down my neck for completing the job at hand, I have absolutely no issue putting off work, until it is too late.

Add that to unrestricted and 24×7 internet access, working from home and my complete lack of self-control, and it isn’t hard to imagine why things just never seem to get done, unless it is an extremely important work or a client assignment.

To counter this and bring some accountability to my work, I have decided to start this productivity experiment.

Every evening I would be making a to do list for next day and then I will evaluate myself at the end of week based on the average percentage of tasks I have been able to accomplish in a given day. This should get my focus back on important things and boost my productivity as well as reduce clutter and excess pileup of work.


I will also be curbing the frequency with which I access social media, even though it is a large part of what I do in the course of the day. But I need to somewhat bring down my social media access and make sure I am using it efficiently, rather than using it in a haphazard manner, which ends up wasting my time.

This is something which is going to be extremely hard to put into action, since every little notification is a lure back to the social media, which just doesn’t stops at seeing and responding to that notification, rather ends up in a futile bid to browse each and everything in my feed.

Anyways, let’s see how it goes, success or failure, whatever the result is, I will share it with you early next week.


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