Productivity Improvement Experiment Results

I am a bit late in reporting the results of my productivity experiment and I guess that ought to give fair bit of indication on how it went!


I only made to do list for 4 days and managed to complete around 60% of the tasks. However I found myself to be somewhat less productive while doing that, because being the lazy fellow I am, I used to complete the less intensive tasks first, which lead to important tasks being piled up.

Funnily enough, once I stopped making a to do list, I felt my productivity went back to the same level as earlier (during experiment phase it actually went down!)

It could be due to the fact that each day I was setting at least 12-14 tasks for myself apart from the regular chores and managing my social media accounts and running BCMTouring.

I guess I need to revisit this experiment later on in my life, when I am not as distracted as I am at the moment and even then I should limit major tasks for the day to a more manageable single figure rather than piling everything in.

Oh well, time to get back to blogging and more.


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