Every heart needs to be broken

We live in a world of vicious cycle, where everything we see, feel and understand, needs to be passed on to others. And broken heart is no different.

For if there is even a single heart which remains unbroken and unperturbed, this world’s vicious cycle and with it, the world itself, would come to a standstill.

So when we come across a novice, who is stupid enough to have a heart and that too on a platter for someone from the real world, the whole world and the stars conspire to see it crushed and shattered.

For it is only after the heart has been broken into a million pieces, that the novice is ready to join the real world as a citizen of the world. And until then, he/she remains a captive of fantasies, which have no relevance in this real world.

Our story begins with one such novice, who dared to dream of turning a fairytale in to reality and in the process learned the most crucial lesson of life.

The novice fell in love with an enchantress, who enchanted him intellectually and physically. And our novice being the foolhardy soul that he was, not only fell for her, he even dared to turn his fantasy into reality. In the process he managed to enchant and confuse the enchantress for a while.

Thankfully his condition didn’t allow him to land on his knee and ask for her hand in marriage, because if he had, we can be sure, he would have suffer a loss greater than any suffered by any novice. So even though the stars conspired to break and shatter his heart, gods decided to shield him from being a complete wreck. Because they knew the novice wasn’t yet capable of withstanding shock of that magnitude and needed to be slowly weaned into the real world.

Our enchantress on the other hand, tried her best to forewarn the novice of the impending doom. No doubt motivated by a similar heartbreak she had suffered as a novice as well.

However the love struck novice not only chose to ignore the warnings coming from her, but also the warnings coming from his well-wishers, who could only stand by and see the impending doom approaching the novice.

Worse still, novice saw the impending doom as well and yet chose to ignore it, until it was too late.

Then one fine evening, as the enchantress shouted and tried her best to stall the inevitable doom. Novice rode off to meet the storm with metal armor and metal lance, aiming for the lighting and hoping to defeat the cycle that no one has manage to stall before.

As the storm struck our foolhardy novice, he fell to the ground howling. Hurt and distort, but yet alive. Our enchantress too howled in pain and guilt, but there was nothing she could do. For she was just a pawn in the scheme of things, which were bigger and more heavenly than she could even begin to comprehend.

Unable to bear the pain of our novice, our enchantress tried her best to comfort him and in the process, brought forth the anger of the universe upon herself.

Stars hatched a new plan, this time with the motive of turning novice into a poet and enchantress into a story, so as to immortalize their foolhardiness into a lesson for all, who seek to disobey heavenly wishes.

For a short duration, seed of love blossomed in the heart of the enchantress, while the withered novice completely shut himself to the rational voice emanating from his heart and from that of his well-wishers.

He began to live the dream with open eyes, understanding and seeing the impending storm, yet unable to prevent himself from marching towards it. As if to commit hara-kiri and ascend to heavens, in order to ask the gods, why must his fate be the same as that of others?

Then the night before the storm arrived. Enchantress had to bow before the stars and rip apart the seedling of love from her heart. Although she tried her best to hide the impending doom, the left over leaf in her heart conveyed everything to our novice through her face.

He saw what was coming and knew that he had finally dug his grave deep and wide. But in order to ascend to the higher purpose for which he had been chosen, he not only had to lie in the grave he dug, but also leave behind his heart in an urn, which must forever remain sealed from the vicious cycle.

So when he informed the enchantress of their next rendezvous, he knew it was never going to happen and yet he kept waiting and hoping that the enchantress would warn him and break his heart in person, rather than let it be shattered into a million pieces by the stars.

However the enchantress knew that the novice must leave his heart behind to ascend to higher purpose and forewarning him of impending doom would only want to make him want her more and there will forever be a space in his heart for her.

This was something which couldn’t be allowed to happen. And even though the enchantress sent a coded message to the novice through their common well-wisher, in order to save his heart at the last moment, there wasn’t much she could do.

Little did she knew that the novice was no longer a novice and was instead a warrior heading towards certain death, in order to reach the higher calling and in process forever imprint his mark on her shattered heart. For he was now the messenger of stars and harbinger of storm.

But in order to join his calling, he had to ride into the storm, see it shatter his heart (which was now in an urn) and then send the word of his state to the enchantress. For she had not only fallen from the good graces of the stars, but also from the graces of our heartless warrior.

Stars smiled, knowing that no heart now remains unbroken and that every enchantress now knows that it is best to conform to the calling of the stars and not take pity on the novice, who inevitably comes their way.


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