Penning it down

I guess there is something poetic or nostalgic about sitting down at a coffee shop with a cup of Americano and writing your thoughts than sitting in front of a computer and pounding it away on a keyboard.

I guess this nostalgic and sense of poetic feeling makes you want to go through the trouble of actually writing things down, and manually converting them to digital format rather than going digital from the beginning.


In my case, this task is all the more strenuous, because I am not used to writing things down and with my horrendous hand writing, understanding what I wrote is extremely difficult for me. But I guess love demands sacrifice. So this sacrifice for my love of writing and my inspiration is not only justified, but also warranted.

Because when I was last in this sort of setting and was typing it away on my mobile phone, I didn’t feel as connected as I feel at the moment.

Plus I think I am beginning to fall in love with the smell of ink, as I write after such a long sabbatical.

Hopefully this unfamiliar pain in the hand will pass away with time and maybe even my writing will improve over time. But one thing is for sure, even if it doesn’t I will not stop writing this way. Because it feels a lot more connected and better when I am penning it down, than typing it away.


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