HyperX SKYN Mouse Pad Review

I received HyperX Skyn Mouse Pad Combo for review a while ago, while you can either choose to buy both the mouse pads individually or get a combo pack so that you can choose mouse pad based on your application/gaming needs.


Since I have a Logitech G300 with dedicated button to control the sensitivity, I preferred to mostly use the control surface for the duration of my review, since majority of my work revolves around editing images and working on the web, for which the control surface is perfectly suited.

In fact in comparison to my Steelseries QCK Mousepad, HyperX Skynn Control Mousepad seemed better and more accurate and allowed for more precise moments while editing images. In fact I would be quite sad to see it leave my desktop, because I had come to love the control I get on it in comparison to QCK.

Having said that, Skyn does require some getting used to. Since this mousepad is extremely thin (almost like a sheet of plastic) and if you had been using a thick mousepad like me, initially it feels quite awkward to work with. Thankfully it is just initial awkwardness, that goes away soon and you end up actually liking its feel.

One thing I didn’t really like about HyperX Skyn Mousepad was the fact that it doesn’t seem to stick to my wooden table with sunmica finish that well and it actually ends up slipping a bit. Over time this has reduced, but it still seem to happen at least few times a day.

Great thing about HyperX Skyn is the fact that it isn’t all that expensive. In fact you can buy Kingston Hyperx Skyn Desigend For Speed Mousepad for Rs. 399 and Kingston HyperX SKYN DESIGEN FOR CONTROL Mousepad for Rs. 699 on Flipkart. Sadly I couldn’t find combo pack at Flipkart or Amazon, but they might available with other retailers.


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