What is Love?

What is love? Is the question I ponder the most these days,
As I do not know what it is, but I feel I experience it every day.

Maybe it is the pain and emptiness you feel when your lover isn’t around,
Or maybe it is the ecstaticness you feel when they are around.

Or maybe it is neither and it is the care and concern you have of them,
Or maybe love isn’t all that, and it is just something we only dreamt.

Not knowing exactly how your lover feels about you is even worse,
Because you keep on waiting for something, but then nothing turns up.

You feel as if it is wrong to expect anything from them,
For love is unconditional and without promise of return.

Yet your heart longs for their voice, presence, touch and acknowledgement,
Because that silly thing needs hope to live, without it, it can’t run.

You think all the time about the one you love so much,
Yet they tell you to do something good, instead of thinking about them so much!

How can you explain to them that it isn’t something that you can hope to do,
Because their love is now your heartbeat and that without them you cannot even breath.

The day your love dies is the day your heart dies as well,
Because you gave up right to your heart, without a care in the world.

But even a glimmer of hope is enough to keep this love alive,
Because even though I do not know what is love, that is all I desire.


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