Can art and writing foster together?

It is not often that I wonder this, but at times I do. At times I fear my passion for art would engulf my writing and at other times I fear my writing will no longer leave me capable of reaching the pinnacle of artistry, which I hope to achieve one day.

After all, be it art or writing, both are means to convey your thoughts and feelings to the world. Each with its own dialect and nuances and I guess there is only so much a person can communicate effectively to the world, before his voice no longer brings substance to what he/she is trying to convey.

In fact so long as we can express what we are feeling with our words, we do not look for ways to express them in imagery which not only awes the audience, but also tells a compelling story. And I fear that if I continue to tell my stories through words, I might end up limiting my growth as a photographer and artist.

Maybe I am just being paranoid and all I need to do is segregate both my passions so that each has their own stories and feelings to tell, so that neither ends up limiting the other. And each ends up fostering mutual growth and excellence. Or maybe I need to start writing plays for my art, so that my ideas in words can be transformed in to art. Or maybe I just need to stop contemplating these things and let God guide me towards the way he wishes me to take.

After all, all of us no matter how talented, are only a miniscule part of the grand scheme of things he has in his mind and we just need to go with the flow and do what he needs us to do and stop resisting.


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  1. Rosie Fernandes June 1, 2015

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