Why we look for similarities?

What is it about us humans that whenever we visit someplace new or meet or see someone/something new, we look for similarities in order to associate them with someone or something we have already seen?

Why do we look to compare places to one we have already been, experiences to what we have already experienced and people to faces we have already seen?

Are we just making it easier for our brain to associate with new place/person/thing or are we limiting our grasp to things we already know about and in turn preventing ourselves from exploration or are we just preserving our mental resources for those we truly come to care about?

Fact is I do not know, but I also know that each place I have come to love, each thing I have appreciated and each person who has become more there a mere acquaintance in my life, I have come to appreciate them for their uniqueness and the things I initially associated as similarities no longer appear similar. Because behind each mountain, each sunset, each smile, each eye and each expression there is a unique story, a unique person, a unique environment and it is this uniqueness that draws me to them.


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