Fall in love when you’re young

Fall in love when you’re young,
When love is pure, unbridled and fun.
When the lover you find loves you the same,
When your lover doesn’t plays any games.
Young love is always refreshing as it doesn’t contains any bitterness within,
With age we introduce bitterness and games.
We place love under constraints and yet hope for it to prosper the same.
We make decisions on what our past might have been,
And put up walls and bunkers to stay within.
Only fools come unarmed and knock on those doors,
Then they realize that those doors are forever closed.
Young love is thus what the heart desires,
For it is without the burden of the past we so despire.
And that past dictates how we behave with others,
Because we keep the bitterness within and forget the good things.
So fall in love when you’re young,
Unless you want to miss out on all the fun.


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