I wish to travel to her heart

There are journeys we take to discover who we are,
Then there are journey we take to be near someone we love.
To discover what makes them tick and what makes them laugh,
On a journey they are truly with us and no distance seems too far.
Discovering places that intrigued us both,
But mostly discovering each other and trying to realize who we are.
To fall asleep next to the one we love,
Then wake up and watch them dream their way into our heart.
No sunrise seems more beautiful than the one that illuminates their heart,
And you forget the illusion in front of you and watch the real sunrise occur in their eyes.
You accompany them wherever they go whether you like it or not,
Not because you aim to please them but because their smile means a lot.
Strangest thing they tell you about themselves is the one you like a lot,
Because it is their strangeness which attracted you from afar.
If I could leave this world tomorrow to go on a journey to her heart,
I would leave in a jiffy and travel to her heart…


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