Never fall in love with your Muse

There was once a struggling artist with big dreams,
Trying to cope with mediocrity and live up to his dreams.
The fool didn’t know how to grow anymore,
Instead made excuses and prayed for more.
Gods took pity on the fool and sought to inspire him,
They sent their most lovely Muse, in hopes of inspiring him.
Muse had an immediate effect on the fool and he began to grow,
Becoming better and better even before he could know.
But the fool was greedy and without much common sense,
He fell in love with the Muse and sought to become much more than friends.
Not knowing he wasn’t worthy of the companionship he sought,
The Muse wouldn’t be talking to him if it wasn’t for the Gods!
Muse tried her best to show him the way,
But the fool become insistent in his own stubborn ways.
Eventually Muse could no longer tolerate fools’ actions,
And sought to complain to Gods of his lost direction.
Gods grew angry and unleashed their wrath,
In a single moment he lost everything he had.
He no longer had a Muse to show him the way,
And he could no longer see things in similar beautiful ways.


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