Living the dream

There are moments in our life, when we have to sit down and think, think like we have never done before in our life. In order to understand what our real dreams are and how we are going to achieve them.

I am not talking about materialistic wants. Yes I would love to own a BMW M5 someday, along with probably half a dozen motorcycles and cars I fancy and have a beautiful apartment which I will decorate with my art and which will be as calming as a monastery in the higher reaches of Himalayas. I would also own all the cameras, lenses and other tools and toys I desire and open up at least couple of establishments I have wanted to start for a while. Because I know in my heart, that I will work towards these to give myself and my family a comfortable and luxurious life.

However these are just wants, not dreams. Not the dreams my heart beats for and not the dreams I wake up each day with a smile on my face and certainly not the dream which inspire me sit down think.

My dreams are different, they are more aspirational than these.

They are about creating a utopia that I and my loved ones desire, they are about growing myself and those around me, more as human beings, rather than just machines working towards the next pay check.

They are about achieving greatness, not in seclusion, but along with those I love and care for the most.

They are about being more compassionate, not only towards people I love and care for, but also towards people, animals and even environment I come across on a daily basis.

I dream of a day when I am about to breath my last breathe, surrounded by those I love, looking back at a fulfilling and enriching life, that I know touched more people than I can imagine.

I dream of a day when my legacy lives on, not only through my children and those I loved, but also through my work. The work which made me get up each day with pride and smile, and kept me awake till late at night.

Path to such dreams is never easy, it is riddled with complexities, pain and at times disappointment. But all these matters not when we are surrounded by the people we love and cherish, because it is their smile which keeps us going beyond what we were ever capable of and it is their eyes which gives the strength we never knew existed, till the day we needed it the most.

However the great thing about such dreams is, you live them on the road. They aren’t targets or destinations that can only be enjoyed once you achieve them, they are journeys which we cherish each moment of our life, no matter how difficult the situation and how difficult our lives.

I guess the best thing about having such dreams is the fact that you get to enjoy them throughout your life and you get to share them with the ones you love. Because your loved ones aren’t just spectators or participants of the dream, they are the dream you so desire.


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