We are still the same

There are times in our lives when constraints we willingly submit to, can restrain us from doing what we once loved doing and would love to do again.

To others it may seem as if time is passing us by and we are now much more docile than earlier, but fact is, underneath it all, we are still the same. No matter how long it has been since we did what we loathed doing at that time, but did over and over again. And even at the time of loathing, we would look back at our journey and make plans to do it all over again, before resuming our struggle to stand up straight.


Because that is the life we enjoyed and even though we might have prayed to God to save us one last time, promising to never repeat the same mistake again, we did it again nonetheless, without remorse, without thought and without a care in the world, till we got to another point, where we needed to pray again.

Because there is a certain stubbornness, wildness and craziness one is just born with, that cannot be subdued, unless we willing suppress it for a while, for those we love and care for the most.

But it is there, always there, eager to come out and get us into more trouble again, to again make us pray to the mighty lord. A prayer that even god knows is just a momentary cry for help, not a cry for redemption.

Because people like us are beyond redemption, beyond saving and beyond all the logic in the world. Yet in heart we are still the same, no matter what.


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