Life as a night ride

While riding back from NH-8 tonight, I started thinking. Thinking about how similar night riding on a motorcycle is to life.

There are times in our life when we are blinded by the light of oncoming traffic, unable to see our path clearly or the dangers that are laying on them, yet we soldier on, unabated with a confidence that nothing will happen. We will stay on our steed and not crash into something.

That we will be able to pull the brakes or swerve at the right time, even though we cannot see what is ahead. So we ride on with the confidence in our ability, our machine and to a certain extent, will of the God. Knowing that we will reach our destination safely no matter what.

At times we hit small potholes with full force and we get rattled by it, yet we take it in stride and ride on, knowing that we will avoid the next pothole for sure and wouldn’t be hurt badly by it or completely thrown off.

Then there are times we dive into a large enough pothole to swallow our bike whole or hit something hard enough that makes us lose complete control, yet instead of slowing down or stopping, we twist the throttle and regain control and composure, and then laugh it off as a good save, vowing to be a lot more careful next time around.

This what life is. We do not know what difficulties lay ahead and yet we have to be confident in our ability to tackle them and shrug them off, and move on. Because the moment we stop or even slow down, we completely lose control of our life and throw it at the mercy of gravity and God, hoping against hope that somehow we will regain control, even though that can only happen if we do not try to stop, instead ride on..


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