Message in A Bottle, Review

Message in A Bottle is the first romantic novel I have read and it is also the first book/novel I have completed in over a year (finished reading it yesterday). But it is a novel I have enjoyed reading immensely, even though initially I thought it was futile to read it, since I had seen its movie adaptation last month and hadn’t liked it much.


However, I was pleasantly surprised to find the novel much more gripping than the movie and the fact that movie skipped out essentially all but the most basic plot, made the novel interesting to read and I didn’t felt for a moment that I was reading something I had already watched!

What I particularly liked about Message in A Bottle was the narration of Nicholas Spark, which beautifully paints the scene in your mind of the location and events taking place, helping you visualize what is actually taking place in the book and in a way, connect deeply with the thoughts author is trying to convey. This is a talent which I haven’t yet come across in the books I have read in past and I guess this was the reason why I enjoyed reading Message in A Bottle so much and I went ahead and ordered A Choice by Nicholas Sparks today.

Story itself is quite interesting as well and shows how fate can bring two different people together and make them fall in love with each other. After all, had Theresa Osborne (protagonist) not discovered the bottle containing the letter written by Garret Blake to his wife, Catherine; while strolling on the beach, they wouldn’t have likely met and fallen in love. And the way Nicholas Sparks tells the story of their love and adds twists at the right points, makes you fall in love with the story and characters of it, which although far from being perfect, are just what the story requires. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading Message in A Bottle and would recommend to anyone who wants to read a romantic novel with wonderful picturization.


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