Biggest Regret of My Life

God knows I don’t have many regrets in my life, because I do what I wish to do and rarely if ever keep anything in my heart. However there are things I have come to regret over time. None can come as close to the biggest regret of my life that I am writing about today, which I have come to realize recently and I have regretted about ever since.

Biggest regret of my life is that I have allowed my behavior to change over time, based on the behavior/action of others towards me!

I have allowed myself to become less tolerant, judgmental, assumptious, closed and less trusting of people who come into my life. Because I felt wronged by those whom I had trusted in past.

While I can kid myself by believing that it is all part of growing up, moving on and becoming wiser; truth is, based on the actions of others, I had managed to kill or at least subdue a part of me, which made me who I was!

That for me is a bigger loss than any I might have suffered through the hands of others. And by allowing myself to change, I have in a way become almost a part of the masked world, which says one thing on the face and means something else in heart.

While some of the damage is irreparable, most can still be contained and fixed, which I intend to do. Truth be told, you shouldn’t change because of others’ behavior towards you or the hurt they might have caused you, for reasons best known to them. All we can do is forgive those who have wronged us and continue walking on the path that we have chosen and in a manner we have chosen to walk.

So love like you have never loved before, trust like you have never been stabbed in back and smile like you have never cried before. Live your life as a fool rather than a wise person who is half dead inside and cautious to a fault! At least that is what I intend to do…


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