In Search of Unknown to an Unknown place…

Some say in order to find yourself, you have to first lose yourself completely. I do not know what the hell it means or whether it can actually happen this way or whether it is supposed to happen this way. But it is an idea worth exploring, even at the risk of sounding completely idiotic or mad.

So today I embark on my second journey in search of Unknown. I just know I am heading to Uttarakhand, but I do not know where exactly in Kumaon I would be going. I just know I need to be on the road again, alone, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

The only plan I have in mind is to land up at ISBT and board the first bus which is heading to a place, name of which seems to sound interesting or seems to be calling to me. What I do after reaching there is something I will decide once I get to the place, because I do not yet know whether I will stay there or simply board another bus after reaching there.

No Instagram or Facebook to leak the thoughts or post snapped up images on the go, just a little bit of music, thoughts and travel, all in the name of the Unknown…


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