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I wrote this blogpost during my trip to Dharchula, since then a lot has changed and I wasn’t sure I was going to publish it, until just a few minutes ago. In any case, this is just something I thought of while sitting in my room, wondering about life.

Our behavior today is what we learned, inherited and chosen over time and while it is what makes us who we are and it is a part of our identity, we have to realize that parts of it might be detrimental to our own good or worst still, might be hurtful to those around us.

While it is nearly impossible to change oneself and neither is it a good idea to do so, it is best to understand faults in our behavior and try and remedy them before it is too late.

I for instance generally sound quite rude, even though I am not really trying to be rude. It is just the way I speak normally. Similarly I am impatient, stubborn, tactless and I can easily lose my temper at the drop of a hat and become extremely aggressive. I can also be quite boastful, especially when it comes to bragging about what I have done in life.

Fact is, I am so much used to acting this way most of the time that I do not even notice that I am behaving in such a bad manner and I am causing hurt to the person in front of me and pushing them away.

Maybe I just need to paus and contemplate before I say things instead of uttering whatever it is that come to my mind or maybe I just need to start meditating to calm down and be more in control myself.

Most of all, I need to be receptive of other’s feelings while conversing with them and treat each individual with utmost respect and in a calm manner, even if I am in bad mood or I feel other person is annoying me. Because I am usually at my worst if one or both the factors at work and that easily turns the situation ugly.

There are far more flaws in my behavior that I needed to fix and not even a book I guess would be enough to list each and every one of them.

Point I am trying to make is, it is a good idea to start fixing flaws in our behavior before it is too late. Else all we end up with is deep regret at our deathbed.


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