Being at Peace

I have been restless for a while; it is one of the reasons why I have done 10 trips this year, 5 in August itself! I would have likely done one or more trips last month, if it hadn’t been for the accident that has in a way, confined me to my home for past couple of weeks.

Funny thing is, while I searched frantically for answers and peace during my trips, it has come to me when I was in a way trapped at home and wished to get back on the road at all cost and I was at my most restless stage. For now I seem peaceful and while I cannot wait to get back on the road and travel once again, reasons are different.

For no longer am I searching for the answers I was looking for earlier, for I have found them where I knew they always existed, my heart.

I am no longer restless at home, at least not as much as I used to be earlier and while at times I yearn to go out again, better sense seems to be more prevalent these days as I care for my health and other important tasks at hand.

In a way I have grown and in a way, I have gone back. Gone back to the self that I always was, realizing I didn’t needed to change. I just needed to be a lot surer of myself.

Maybe this is what growth really is, at least as long as you have been doing what you have always loved and didn’t sought do bad things or take short cuts.

During the restless period I was in, I had set a goal of sorts. To do 15 trips in 2015 and thanks to last months’ frenzy, I am two third of the way through. However this goal no longer matters, even though in all likelihood, I would end up traveling more than that in the last quarter of this year. But that would be for the right reasons, not to tick off a goal as a way to massage my ego.

However each phase and each day of our life teaches us important lessons and I believe this phase has taught me many. It has also opened me up to a lot more ideas, way of travel and thinking, which I feel I really needed at this time and something which will help me immensely in future, for it made me realize, I am exactly who I want to be, now and forever…


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