The Great White Oak Trees…

There was once a time I had three Great White Oaks I could run to and look up to with great admiration and respect,
Over time I saw two of those Great White Oaks wither and become only a shadow of what they once were,
Before ultimately there were only memories of them that remained and rest just faded away into dust.
In time even the memories of those Great White Oaks’ withering started to fade until the day I saw the third Great White Oak begin to wither.
That day memories of other Great White Oaks withering came to the fore,
And I remembered after years what it felt like to see Great White Oaks wither and ultimately fade away.
While I know and hope that this Great White Oak won’t be fading anytime soon and will come back with another bloom,
I still can’t help but feel sad and feel there is a lesson in all this for the seedling which was once under the shadow of these Great White Oak trees.
For it is now a Great White Oak as well and more importantly it is the last Great White Oak in the new jungle.
There are those who look up to it with similar admiration and respect as I used to with three Great White Oaks,
Yet it has somewhat withered away at times due to the tests of life and almost faded away into nothingness.
New Great White Oak needs to realize for it has far greater responsibility, especially when it is in its prime,
For it is the last of the Great White Oaks and it cannot just wither away at a time when it actually needs to bloom,
For it is the last of the Great White Oaks and trials of life cannot and should not so easily spell its doom…


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