A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, Review

A Walk to Remember is the fourth novel by Nicholas Sparks I have read and it is also the shortest of the four and a lot more predictable than the rest. For you see each and every scenario coming, though the main twist is something that you sort of expect, but still can’t tell for sure till it arrives.

a walk to remember by nicholas sparks

However just because something is predictable, it doesn’t means it is boring and neither is A Walk to Remember, for the river of words and emotions through which this story flows is remarkable and enough to bring laughter and then tears to your eyes, just as the protagonist boldly claims in the beginning of novel.

Also unlike other novels I have read by Nicholas Sparks, this is a story of a young love, a love so pure it has the power to connect even the most distant people and culminate into something so tragic and yet so beautiful, that you cannot help but wish for a miracle.

Story of A Walk to Remember is quite simple, a boy, a rebel of sorts, falls in love with the girl he dislikes the most, for she is good and pure and liked by all the adults of the town. She is also the daughter of Reverend, whom the protagonist loves to ridicule and make fun of.

I guess this is what makes this story so interesting and writing itself reflects the way a 17 year old boy of that attitude might have thought back in the 50s.

Overall A Walk to Remember is a wonderful novel, though it is tragic, it is still a beautiful read. And while I wouldn’t recommend it as much as I would recommend The Notebook and The Choice, however if you have already read them, then my suggestion would be to go read this.


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