What do we eventually remember?

I guess to know what is actually important in life, we have to look far back, maybe as far back as the time when we were children and think about our most vivid memories of that time.

Do you remember the happiness you got when you received your dream toy or the joy and love you felt, when you were amidst your loved ones, laughing and enjoying life?

At least for me, none of my most vivid memories are about the expensive toys I got or anything of that sort.

This is funny, considering how much I used to bug my parents to buy me guns and cars, for I felt they were important and fun.

One my most vivid memories is of a time I was walking along the road in Karnal, with my two Mamas (mother’s brother) by my side. I was always the center of attraction in our family gatherings, being that I was the youngest kid of the youngest kid in the family.

We were laughing and joking with my mamas even making a joke about my mom (their little sister) and even though I was little and I laughed about, I guess I sort of tried to defend her as well. I don’t know how old I was at that time, maybe 6-7 years old or maybe even younger.

I do not remember the sweets I ate towards the end of the walk or the ball I got (these used to be a regular affair when I visited homes of my mamas.) But I remember that small part of the walk so vividly, that I can almost picture myself there and smile like an idiot while doing so.

Those days are long gone and I know I will never have that sort of moment ever again in my life. But I know, what actually matters in the end. Not the balls, not the guns, not the cars, not the sweets and not even a vacation; just a few moments of happiness that fills our heart forever…


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