Life shouldn’t be easy

Thing about life is, it is rarely easy. Even though at times we love to project it that way, it really isn’t. I know I love to do this all the time, but truth is I have paid more than my fair share of dues for whatever little I have and continue to do so.

So then why do I look for ways to make it simple or less complex, even though usually it is the things I have worked hardest for, are the most gratifying?

I write on my computer, I do so because it is the easiest thing to do. Even now I am writing this blogpost, leaning back in to my chair, with feet up on my computer desk and hammering it away on the wireless keyboard, making full use of the large LCD monitor to write in such easy and laid back manner.

When I am outside, I usually write on mobile phone. For it is fast, easy and a lot more accessible than a laptop or even a diary.

I tried in past to write in the good ole fashioned way, but didn’t really follow it through. For it was cumbersome, since my handwriting sucks and even I have a hard time comprehending what I had written and it took longer to transfer blogposts on to digital format this way. So I gave up!


I don’t give up, that isn’t my style. It has never been, and I guess that is one of the things I like about myself.

I seem to have given up on a lot of things lately, and it is time to get back to my stubborn self. For things, people, passion and life are worth fighting for and you can never give up. No matter what.

For my upcoming trip to Ladakh I was all set to use my mobile phone to the fullest, with 2 10400mah power banks to rely upon, I was sure I was going to easily write my book on it. But now I have changed my mind. I am going to write this book the good ole fashion way, and then take the effort to transfer it to digital format. Heck I might even bring out the old typewrite we have in storage, just for the sense of nostalgia and type a few pages on that.

For life isn’t easy, neither is writing a book. And I don’t like shortcuts and I am not going to take the easy way out on a project that matters more to me than any other projects I have under taken until now…


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