Time to light the boats on fire…

A friend asked me last evening, if my preparations for Ladakh trip are in full swing or have they been completed?

When I thought about it, I came to an interesting conclusion. While I had bought a new pair of Forclaz 500, which I am desperately trying to break in before the trip and 2-3 other small items, in a way I have done nothing else and in a way I am all set!

As far as physical preparations go, thumb of my foot still has only 10-15% movement, pains easily in shoes along with half of my foot and it is still swollen. My back still tires easily and hurts like hell at times and at times I feel like I am on the verge of pulling a muscle.

I haven’t taken out my camera gear in over a month; I do not know if there is sensor dust on my 60D. And that is the only body I intend to carry this time around, since I wish to have a somewhat light camera bag and do not wish to carry backup/secondary body.

On 2nd October (the day I am supposed to fly in to Leh), temperature is supposed to hit a minimum of -3 degree Celsius and there are showers predicted during the duration of my trip.

I am supposed to hire a motorcycle and roam around Ladakh on it or at max use shared taxis or bus, for there is no scope of hiring personal taxis this time around.

Yet, I know what I need to do whilst I am there. Developing contacts for Ladakh Photo Tour next year is a priority, however more than that, I need to finish my novel. And it is for that, I am betting it all in.

For it is the most important project of mine, one for which I am willing to go to any extent and bet anything and everything I have. For it matters so much, that failure let alone being an option, is not even a word in vocabulary.

And for it I need to do something stupid, come to think of it, in late June it would have been a stupid thing, in October, oh well. But it has to be done, for it is crucial, at least in my heart and that is all that matters now.

For I have burnt the boat which had carried me across and there is only one way left now and that is the way I like it, 100% in and not backing out!


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