What is next?

Yesterday I was busy hammering out words from the keyboard, working hard to finish the novel I had started working on couple of months ago, but in reality it was only in the last month or so, I had started writing it regularly. Earlier the basic framework was done, but not the main story. In fact 80% of the story was written in less than a week I spent in solitude in Ladakh.

It then took me 2 days to come up with the second digital draft (started working on it on Tuesday afternoon and finished on Thursday afternoon), since the first one was written entirely in a notebook. In fact by last night I had even designed a mockup cover, read it completely once, had it read by my sister once and taken care of spelling and grammatical mistakes and filled up the missing details.

In a way, novel is complete. While I might just add a few more things to it, if something pops up in my mind, but on the whole it is complete and I am now looking for publishers.

My body and mind is tired, 2 days of relentless typing on computer has taken a toll on my back, body and eyes. In fact today I slept for over 9 hours, something I haven’t done in a long time.

However now, the excitement and jubilation of completing the novel is gone, it is all gone.

Truth is this wasn’t a novel for me. This was my soul and for the first time in my life, nothing else mattered except it. Heck I even wrote on my notebook, “My Soul” and poured it all out. Not caring about the writing style, fancy words or what the world might think.

Now the soul wants to come out even more and it thus asks, what is next?

There are 3 photo projects I have in pipeline and 3 novels as well, which are likely going to keep me busy for the next 5 years of my life. But they will take time to start off, for they aren’t meant to be started like me earlier work.

This means I am restless now, eager to start something new. For I am now concerned with the process of creation, and I must create something new.

Hence I write this blogpost, I guess to keep myself calm for a few hours and to reassure myself, it is all going to start once again and once again I will be immersed in the process of creation and once again, nothing else will matter except pouring it all out…


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