Letting Go…

There are times in our life when we just have to let go. Let go of people, let go of our dreams, let go of love, let go of passion and even let go of part of our heart.

Letting go is last thing you want to do, especially if what you’re letting go matters to you a lot and you happen to be like me, who rarely if ever gives up.

Yet it is something we have to do, at least few times in our life, when the easiest thing to do is to maintain the status quo and continue trying and hardest thing is to give up and let go.

Arriving at a state like this is hard, for once you decide you have to be sure that decision is final and there is absolutely no going back. For once the doors are closed, you have to make sure they are forever closed and there can be no turning back.

It is a hard thing to do and in many ways a brutal process, especially if the part of heart you’re burying meant a lot to you and in some ways had come to define you.

Worth thing is, if you’re a photographer or a writer and your work once involved the thing you’re letting go, then it becomes that much harder, for what you created involved it and at times what you will end up creating in future, would involve what you’re supposed to be letting go. Thereby getting you in a vicious cycle, which never lets you forget the significance you had placed on what you had to let go and how much painful it was then and it will forever be, for you can never tear your work and yet, seeing it eats you inside out.

It makes you have second thoughts, of going back, reviving what once was and falling in love with it all over again.

But you can’t.

For you have to be ruthless with your heart and stick to the decision you had made, no matter how much it hurts inside.

Because once you decide to bury a part of your heart, you leave it buried for good and have to make sure that it will never be resurrected and it will never out come out of the darkness you have consigned it to.

For life is about being brutal and ruthless with your heart at times, to ensure that it remains true to its course and doesn’t changes based on the hardship it comes across. Even if it means losing a part of it forever…


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