Love in Ladakh, the novel

On Saturday I finally published my first novel, Love in Ladakh. It will be available exclusively on Amazon Kindle stores globally till mid-January.

Love in Ladakh is the first novel I have written and is set in the high altitude wonderland of Ladakh, a place with which I had a love affair for over a decade. In fact this novel is culminations of my last three trips to Ladakh, which have helped shaped and mold this novel in to what it is today.


In fact I wrote more than 80% of this novel, during my recent trip to Ladakh, in order to provide the authentic taste I wanted to present in this novel.

You can click the following link to read the sample and purchase the novel, Love in Ladakh, the Novel.

Please do leave your feedback and reviews here and on Amazon. As I look forward to reading them.

Oh yes, I have already started working on my second book and while this one will likely take a lot longer and will likely involve couple of trips, it should hopefully be out by early next year.


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