Love Story by Erich Segal

There are love stories and then there are Love Stories; Love Story by Erich Segal falls into latter category, if you know what I mean.


While pretty much every romantic novel terms their love story to be an epic one, this is the one I would term epic, even though it is fairly short in comparison to some of the other novels I have read, yet it has more substance and emotion than novels twice or even thrice as long as this one!

Love Story is a story of a rich boy, who falls in love with a girl from humble background and witty mouth, and leaves everything behind to be with her and she in turn gives up her dream to be with him. For “love means never having to say sorry” and I guess it also means never regretting the choice you made and dreams you give up for sake of love. For love is what matters, nothing else does!

I started reading this novel at around 8pm tonight, and after a half an hour long ride back home and dinner, I managed to finish it by 11:40pm. Not due to the fact that it is a short novel, rather due to the interesting and funny storyline and dialogues which kept me glued to the novel and made me determined enough to finish it in one go. And I absolutely loved it!

This is the best romantic novel I have read, even though in some ways The Choice by Nicholas Sparks has a lot more going for it in terms of emotions and a somewhat broad storyline. But the way in which Erich Segal penned the Love Story, made it such an interesting read that I would term it more gripping and fun read. Especially since the actual sad part of the story is rather short and abrupt and thus for the most part you’re immersed in the witty exchange of words between Oliver and Jennifer, which makes it a truly remarkable read and a beautiful Love Story. Read it, if you haven’t already read it. For it will leave you laughing and towards the crying as well…


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