How far will you go for a story?

How far will you go for a story?

This is something I have wondered for past few days, as I published my first novel, Love in Ladakh and started working on my second book, which would be a collection of short stories.

While the first story is pretty easy to work with and had been brewing in my mind for a while and is half done, 2 other short stories I have lined up for my second book aren’t going to be this easy.

They will require me to explore, not only places I have never visited before, but also depth of my mind and heart, that I or for that matter, anyone else in the world, would seldom like to visit.

They will require me to push my body, mind and heart in a manner I haven’t done in a long time, in fact they will require me to push myself to some limits, which I haven’t yet touched and then go farther than that.

Because the second story I have set out to write is a dark one; darker and at the same time, more philosophical and sentimental than anything I have ever written before. And it requires the sort of mental and physical strength that I do not even yet fully know if I have.

The third one has been brewing in my mind for several years now, in some ways it is older than the original story I had intended to write in case of Love in Ladakh. And it is the one which will push me to absolute limits of my physical and mental endurance, on a ride which I had dreamt about for a while, yet usually shrugged it off as too idiotic, unless it was done on a superbike (like in the initial story I had imagined). However, now I plan to do it on my almost 14 year old Pulsar 180, which in some ways is in a worst state than me after the accident.

I do not know whether I will succeed in writing either of the stories in the manner I have imagined and whether or not I can actually push myself to the limits I have imagined in my mind.

But I know just one thing, my heart is edging me on, telling me to do what it knows is right and the way forward, and the I always listen to my heart and this time, it won’t be any different.

Rest I leave to God; whatever the outcome, I will be happy with the knowledge I did what I wished to do and didn’t back off from following my heart…


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