And the love affair begins…

We humans are planners and we love to plan our future, wishing to control the flow of life and even our love and heart. Truth is it rarely if ever happens that way.

For love is a lot like water, it finds a way and the direction in which it flows, is determined most of the time by fate. Fate which brings us face to face with the one we are supposed to fall in love with and then, at the right moment, cupid’s arrow hit us so hard, that we forget about our plans and schemes and just let go. We shut off our minds and start following our heart.

Mind though never actually shuts off, try as much as we can. So instead it tries to look for ways to justify our love. Even though there is no reason or justification for love, love is just that, love.

And I am in love.

I have tried to justify this love by drumming up numerous reasons, multitude of business ideas and what not. Truth is, I have fallen head over heels for her and there is nothing I can do to say why it has happened and for what reason.

Of course since I am in love, my world sort of revolves around her and ideas which until now seemed to take place in a distant land, now take place in her bosom.

Still the mind works and I do need an excuse to justify to it my love affair and my constant yearning to visit her again and again.

Since I do not believe in flings, excuse has to be one, which is long term. So that I do not have to keep coming up with excuses every other month to justify yet another visit.

I seem to have been able to do just that.

Two photography project; shortest of which will take at least a year to complete and the longer one I envision will take up at least 5 years of my life. It might even go on for my entire life time, but one thing is sure, if I do end up completing it in the next 5 years, I have a few more excuses lined up and they are even more long term!

So with excuses ready, it is time to start packing. To visit the place I have fallen in love with and begin my two photography projects.



I also need to write a short story, which until this afternoon; I felt was a dark one. Now I have realized, it isn’t.

Because even though the story mainly revolves around dark side of our emotions; it is supposed to inspire others to deal with those emotions. Because even though realizations occur on our own accord, when the time is right, stories can help speed up the process or at least give strength to endure and a feeling, that we aren’t alone in facing the things which are going on, even though it seems that way when we are caught in those turbulent emotions.

Anyways, it is time for me to start packing. I will reveal my photo projects after returning from this trip, while the short story would be part of collection of short stories I am aiming to publish early next year.

In the meanwhile, you can read my recently published novel, Love in Ladakh, which is available exclusively on Amazon.


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