Everything happens for a good reason?

Everything happens for a reason, a good one at that. It is difficult to believe that when you’re going through hard time and pretty much everything you want to see go on in a positive mode and direction, is going in the reverse direction.

This is usually the time when you’re fighting to maintain status quo, not because it is wonderful, but because you’re trying to hold on to the last strand of hope, which too seems to be slipping away. Even though the status quo plays havoc with your life, yet you try and maintain it.

Then there comes a point when the status quo too gets abolished and you’re left in despair and then you hit rock bottom, one which you never knew existed. And just when you feel you have hit rock bottom, you hit another one, followed by another and then several more. Then the next time you hit rock bottom, you wonder whether it is actually a rock bottom or a rough edge on the side of the cliff, which has held you momentarily, before you slip off again.

Truth is, you never know.

And yet, you do know. Because rock bottom is when you realize, there is nothing left to do, but to pick yourself up and start climbing back up, leaving doubt, anxiety and repentance behind.

When you do that and you start climbing back up and momentarily look back and see what you have left behind, you see the wreckage of the status quo you were trying so hard to preserve and hold on to. That is the moment you realize, it could have never been maintained and it would have actually done far more damage had it been maintained than it did, when it was eventually let go.

You realize the mistakes you made, which lead to that status quo and you also realize the mistakes you were making while maintaining that status quo, for you were actually suffocating the very thing you were trying to preserve, by trying to hold on to it, when it was already all but submerged.

Only this time, you no longer enter the vicious guilt cycle, that made you hit those numerous rock bottoms.

Instead you realize the mistakes you made and learn from them and know in your heart, that you will not make them again. You also know for a fact that the thing you were trying so hard to hold on to, is yours, it has always been and always will be.

For it mattered enough for you to completely tear yourself inside and out, in order to learn from your mistakes and rise from the ashes to rebuild yourself in a stronger and yet sensitive manner, more attune to what needs to be done.

And one can never lose something, we care so deeply about. This is when the realization occurs; “Everything happens for a good reason.” Because now there is no status quo and no fear of falling or failing, only possibility of limitless success and a life, that is there for the taking…


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