Little things that count…

Nothing can give us joy in life like spending time with the people we love. At festivals, birthdays and at times of need it becomes all the more important, irrespective of how trivial it may seem at times, especially if it is something you have always done.

Tomorrow is Diwali and while I will be yet again spending time with my family in the comfort of my home. Several of my friends will be out working. Turning the wheel of economy or keeping us safe and keeping the country running by being away from their loved ones and working, while we lucky folks get to revel in celebrations.


Apart from one Diwali, I have spent every Diwali with my family. And even on that Diwali my shift was around midnight, so my pickup was scheduled after Diwali Puja, so in a way I didn’t end up missing much. Although the fact that our drivers were getting incentive while we weren’t for turning up for work, sort of pissed me off. But in hindsight, it wasn’t really a big thing and it is just something I laugh about now.

This year I tried to be in the lap of nature instead of being home during Diwali, since celebrations are going to be fairly low key this year due to a death in our family. However, fate pulled me back and kept me at home.

Now I realize how lucky I was to miss that bus to Munsiyari, because it doesn’t matters if we aren’t going to celebrate Diwali in the same manner as we always do and it doesn’t even matter if I end up arguing with my sis over work division like I do almost every year (after all it has become sort of a family tradition now).

Truth is time I spend with the ones I love at important occasion like these is what counts at the end of the day. While I can always travel next week or the week after that, I will never get an extra Diwali in my life with the ones I love, when they or I am no longer around.

And at the end of the day, that is all that counts and mattes. Not the money we earned nor the accolades we received and not even the places we saw, all that matters is the smile on the face of those we love and the memories of our good time together…


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