5 things I learned while learning to cook

I am not much of a cook, when I had started working out again a year or so back, I had started cooking for myself. However that usually meant eggs and oats, so as to keep the diet as rigid as possible and lose weight fast. Several years ago, I used to occasionally make roti, rice, dal, maggi, khichadi and tea, whenever mom used to fall sick. Then sis took over the kitchen duties and when she used to fall sick, we used to fall back on maggi and bread.

Now there is a renewed enthusiasm in me, about learning how to cook, much beyond the basic stuff I have mentioned above. Couple of weeks ago I had made bhindi, which although paled in comparison to the best bhindi I have tasted, it was better than what my sis makes (even according to her) and quite close to what my mom used to make, although different in taste and a bit lacking in salt. Couple of day back I made French beans and potatoes and today I made aloo-gobi.


While cooking, I couldn’t help but feel there are life lessons hidden even in the process of cooking; hence I decided to write this blogpost with 5 lessons I learned while learning to cook:

1. Learning process is the same: Process of learning how to do anything in life is the same. Whether you’re learning how to ride a motorcycle, write, do photography or cooking. So you can take the same approach you took to learn just about anything else in life and apply it to the latest thing you are trying to learn. And if you’re like me, then the constant yearn to learn something new only makes you that much open and familiar to the whole learning process and thus it is that much easier and fun to do.

2. Good mentor is essential: In the initial phase you need a good mentor, be it a person (in my case my sis) or a recipe from the internet. You need to know the basic idea of how to create something and which ingredients to put in, in order to start with the process.

3. Make it your own: Even though it is best to have a good mentor, you should never exactly follow in their footsteps! Always bring something extra to table, cook in a different way or add another spice or maybe another piece of vegetable or something else, so that what you get in the end isn’t exactly what your mentor or recipe asked you to cook and yet it is delicious nonetheless.

4. Don’t take failure to heart: Failure is an integral part of life, so you just have to learn from its mistakes and make sure you do not repeat it again. Never for once believe that you aren’t a good cook or anything else you’re doing, just understand that you need to find out what went wrong and fix it next time around. And if the need be, order home delivery :D.

5. Pour your heart into it: The only way to cook good food, write a fantastic story or create a piece of art is to pour your heart and soul into what you’re doing. Don’t treat it like work or something that you have to do. Make it something that you love, adore and can’t wait to get started with and take it to new height each time around. Only then will you be able to be better than what you were yesterday and keep growing no matter which stage you reach.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you’re cooking because there is no one else there to do that for you or you need to fill in for someone or you’re doing it because that is something you truly wish to learn. What matters is, that you should have a good time while you’re doing it and try to learn whatever you’re learning in a fun and enthusiastic manner, so as to make the whole experience something you look forward to, no matter how trivial or important the thing you’re trying to learn.


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