Life is a path…

Life is a path that we must continuously tread on,
Never stopping,
Not even when we think we have stopped.
Life goes on and with it we go on as well.
Yet at times it feels as if we have stopped,
And life and world is passing us by.
What really passes by is our former self,
We change each minute and every second.
Yet we like to believe we are still the same.
Dreams, ideals, convictions, beliefs, perspective,
Everything changes over time.
Yet we struggle to hold on,
Hold on to a handful of beliefs,
Never letting them be forgotten or buried.
For that fight isn’t a fight against change,
It is a fight against letting our ideal self be swept off.
Swept off not by some external tsunami,
Rather by the gentle tides of our mind and heart.
Since they battle each day with our former thoughts,
While soaking in the new wisdom,
And coming up with new thoughts and doubts.
In the end only those beliefs remain,
Which tie to the very core of our soul,
And cannot be removed except by death,
Or maybe not even that…


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