EXIF does not matter!

If you are like me, who regularly posts images in photography groups, you will invariably end up in a situation where other photography enthusiasts will ask you the EXIF i.e. the exposure setting of the image you have shared.


In the beginning I guess I too was guilty of the same, but since then I have come to realize that knowing what the camera setting was in a particular scene is trivial and you will never learn anything from it, unless fast/slow shutter or aperture landed a special effect to the image.

This is due to the fact that exposure is a complex and highly variable thing, which can not only change based on the scene you’re photographing and time of day, but also on composition.

I can stand right beside you with similar camera gear and yet we can both end up with exposure which is different from one another, due to composition and creative preference.

Exposure is in any case only a small yet important part of creating a beautiful image, main process of creating a wonderful image neither begins with the camera nor with the photo editing software, it begins within your mind and heart and as Frida Kahlo said, “I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.”

Similarly photography, especially creative art photography is all about painting your own reality, in your own individual style and giving it the voice, depth and meaning, only your true emotions can give.


So stop worrying about the technicalities that much and go out there and create your own reality!


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